Our Products

Our products help you with your Web presence and aim at increasing your revenue and insights.

Web Hosting

NAXiO offers a secure hosting offer for your Web site. We host simple static Web sites, WordPress sites, or more complex Web applications for most of the state-of-the-art frameworks.

Our Web servers are located in Switzerland, Europe, Northern America and Asia. You can choose the place that suits best for your business, or we optimize the location for you.


Web Shop

You want to sell your products online? No problem, we have you covered. We have an easy to use solution for creating an attractive and efficient online shop. Put your products online with a few clicks, upload photos, and start selling. We can also manage the online payment processing for you. This helps you focusing on your main business: creating and selling great products.


Payment Gateway

Accepting online payments with credit cards is usually not an easy task. With our payment gateway we take care of all the tricky parts. You can integrate our solution into your Web site, or provide your clients with a simple payment link.

Our online payment solution works with all major credit cards and all over the globe. Our payment processing platform is secure and uses the most up-to-date technologies. And you receive your money quickly after the payment has been made.


Interactive mapping

Our interactive mapping platform is mainly for statistical maps including network analysis. You can visualize hundreds of variables across space, and include transportation times with public transportation, cars and by bike.



NAXiO has a long experience in conducting surveys. With our online surveys you can quickly reach out to your customers or target population. We have also solutions for offline surveys with a tablet, for example for field surveys or quick customer feedback.