Web hosting

We can offer you different Web hosting services, for small static Web sites or complex applications. We can also take care of the domain registration and of your email hosting needs.

Among our most popular hosting services are WordPress sites which are user friendly and still flexible. We offer also regularly introductory courses on how to use WordPress.

If your needs are more specific, we still have you covered. We can easily host your static Web sites, any kind of PHP application, Ruby on Rails apps, Python (e.g. Django or Flask) apps, NodeJS etc.

With our user-centered approach we make sure your Web app fits the user's needs and expectations, and allows you to deliver a high quality Web presence. The iterative approach makes sure you can always provide your feedback while keeping the costs reasonable.

Our servers are secure and reliable. You can select your preferred location of your hosting service. We have servers in Switzerland, Europe (Frankfurt, London), North America (Toronto, Freemont CA, Newark NJ) and Asia (Singapore, Tokyo).


A static Web site or a simple WordPress site is as cheap as 5€ a month. A more complex app costs 10€ a month.

Email hosting costs 5€ a month for your domain.

If you want your own domain, you can get one usually for less than 15€ a year, depending on the TLD extension.

Contact us for more information and to discuss your needs.