Our Services

NAXiO provides advanced services in Web and Mobile development, Geographic Information Systems, Data Analysis and E-learning.

We develop solutions quickly and in tight collaboration with our clients. Our iterative approach gives you frequent feedback, the possibility to adapt the solutions during development, and keeps costs low.

Web Development

NAXiO has a long experience in development state-of-the-art Web applications. We combine well-known modern technologies in combination with creative minds. Thanks to our user-centered approach, our solutions are able to respond to modern challenges and provide an easy-to-user interface. Our Web applications are suited for both mobile and desktop use.


Mobile Applications

Smartphones and tablet computers are still an increasing market. We can help you with creating your own modern application for mobile devices. We also help you with optimizing your app for addressing the needs of your users. Getting an app on the smartphone of your users is still challenging, even with the greatest of all apps. We can assist you in this challenge by providing valuable insights.

Geographic Information Systems

GIS systems made easy. NAXiO helps you with setting up your GIS environment, for software, data and hardware aspects. You get the solution for handling efficiently your spatial information and to conduct quickly your geographic analysis processes. We help you both with online and desktop solutions. And if you don't need a whole infrastructure but just a few maps, we are happy to help too!


Spatial Analysis

Spatial analysis is about finding relations in space. Know how far you are from your clients, who or what is where, how to optimize both distances in time and space.

Data Science

The modern world is data driven. Every decision needs to be made based on some data. We help you with the analysis of the data, and if needed also in setting up a data acquision pipeline.


With our courses, we have acquired a long experience in teaching. With our solutions, we help you setting up your e-learning environment for your company or school.